July Mission Trip

Did you see the photos sent from our mission team’s trip to Honduras during July?


Trinity Sponsored Student
at The Leadership Center

Dayana is a a student at The Leadership Center (TLC) in Honduras where Trinity has formed a relationship. Many mission teams have visited TLC. Trinity sponsors Dayana. Read her own words here: Letter from Dayana


Missions: Honduras

Dan & Chris Moore at The Leadership Center, March 2015.
Dan & Chris Moore at The Leadership Center, March 2015.

Dear Friends,

Chris and I want to thank you for your prayers and support while were teaching at The Leadership Center in Honduras. We are glad to be back home with our Trinity Church family. We do have a lot to share with you about the impact these 24 wonderful women had on our lives.

We brought back 40 pounds of Honduran coffee – it is in the Fellowship Building and nicely packaged. These beans were grown on the TLC mountain, picked by the students and locally roasted. It is organic, very special and we brought it for you. If you want to support TLC, buy a few bags. All proceeds will go to TLC and the students.

On Tuesday, May 12, we will have a Missions Meeting in the Fellowship Building at 7 p.m. If you want to learn more about Trinity’s international missions or want to consider a future mission trip – please come. We will have light refreshments, show some slides from TLC and Heart to Heart and just have some good discussion.

Dan Moore


Missions: March Mission Trip

By Jose Rivera

Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera

This last trip to The Leadership Center (TLC) in Honduras, I had the privilege of traveling with Victoria Todd and Sharon Tanner. Typically, I travel with Dan and Chris Moore, but this time it was a little different. Dan and Chris were already there to welcome us and to say goodbye. They have been doing a wonderful job and everyone on campus is crazy about them. It will be very hard for the students and everyone on campus to say goodbye to them. The students are always sad even when a group leaves after only a week on campus. I cannot imagine how they will feel the day Dan and Chris leave at the end of their three-month stay.

During my trip, the plane and car ride were uneventful as all of my previous trips have been. Our group was involved in teaching and many different projects. We also made connections with everyone on campus. Personally, I had a great opportunity to connect with the construction workers, Elías, Marcos, Christian, Gerson, and Javier. Although the focus of our mission trips is the students, I like to spend some time helping them and talking to them. I believe they have needs just like the students do. Please keep everyone in TLC in your prayers. Feel free to ask me about TLC and consider joining us the next time.

Read more about Trinity’s ministry in Honduras on our missions blog.


Missions: Welcoming Our Honduran Friends

By Chris and Dan Moore

The Leadership Center Graduates Arriving From Honduras

girlsWe are pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of Leadership Center graduates Olga Sosa and Yanetzi Ortiz on December 9. Olga and Yanetzi will be staying with us and will be a part of the Trinity family through the New Year. They are coming to present their business plans to potential donors and investors and to serve short business internships in the McLean area. We hope you will make time to meet these very special young women and hear of their exciting plans for their future in Honduras.

The Leadership Center (TLC) is a small, rural college in Honduras established to provide a post high school education to students who otherwise could not afford it. TLC’s three year program emphasizes English fluency, ethical leadership and entrepreneurial studies. After graduation most students will launch a small business in their local communities.

Trinity Members Returns to The Leadership Center in 2015

chalkboard profileIn January of 2015, Dan and Chris Moore will head to Honduras for a three month teaching assignment at TLC! Dan will teach business and entrepreneurship classes and work with the seniors to develop their small business plans. Chris will teach Psychology and Computer Literacy to the junior class. There will also be ample time for various craft projects which are sold by the students through their Artisans Club. A special thanks to Crafts for a Cause for their continuing support of this endeavor. In addition to teaching, we hope to develop our personal coffee farming and chicken-raising skills.

chalkboard backWe ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this ministry this Advent season in one of more of the following ways:

  1. Pray for TLC, its ministry and its 30 students.
  2. Come to TLC on a mission trip, which is planned for mid to late February; see team leader Jose Rivera for details. We would love to see you – it will be a wonderful experience.
  3. Send supplies or a gift with us for the students, such as flash drives, dry erase markers, personal toiletries, coffee mugs, fabric scissors, thread, needles, kitchen knives, dish towels and DVD movies.

We would love to answer any questions about this ministry and we look forward to introducing Olga and Yanetzi to our Trinity Family.