Education: Adults, Youth & Children

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Children’s Sunday School

Children, Pre-K through 6th grade,   will meet at 9:30 a.m. in Rooms 402-403 today for a Bible story and activity including The Call series as outlined on page 4. They will begin as a large group and then split into two groups by age. To volunteer, please visit:

Children’s Program at 10:30

Children, Pre-K through 6th grade, will be dismissed after the Children’s Message for faith-related activities in Rooms402-403. To sign-up to lead or assist, please visit:

Education Ministry Team Meeting

Please join us in Rooms 402-403 on Sunday, July 19 after the 10:30 a.m. worship to continue planning for 2015-16.

Quotes from Trinity’s Children
About Their Classes and Teachers

“I learned about the candle thing and the tongues.” (Referring to Pentecost and the Holy Spirit speaking to people in their native languages.) “I liked that my teacher made it really fun and had a lot of fun activities with the lesson.”

“I learned that Jesus came back to be with his disciples after he died. I liked that we did a lot of fun stuff – and experiments!”

“I learned about Noah’s Ark. My favorite thing about my Sunday School teacher is that she is very nice!”

“I learned how people get baptized. My favorite thing about my Sunday school teacher is that he’s funny!”

“I learned that God is always around us.”

“I like that my Sunday School teacher is always nice to me!”

“I learned about God and being good. I learned how to go beyond the Bible story and figure out the background and how it applies to our life. What do I like about my Sunday School teacher? He is cool and chill as a cucumber.”

“I learned that Jesus said, “blessed are those who have not seen and yet come to believe.” This means that we are blessed because we believe but we have not seen him. I like that my Sunday School teacher is nice, helpful, and goes really deep into his answers to our questions so that when we come out of the classroom we have learned more than just the answer to our question.”

“I learned that God is always with you, no matter what. God is like the sun, he is really big in heart. I liked that my teacher teaches me a lot even when there are [only] a few kids.”



Sunday School – It’s for Life!

James C. Sprouse, Senior Pastor
James C. Sprouse, Senior Pastor

by James C. Sprouse, Senior Pastor

The United Methodist Church wants to re-energize Sunday school and spark new ministries. Can you imagine a Charge Conference where the Sunday School teachers are the first people elected to hold office for the upcoming year? Can you imagine a church where 60 to 75 percent of those who attend worship also attend Sunday School? Can you imagine a Sunday School so vital that it has sparked so many other ministries that the church building is in use seven days a week?

Here at Trinity Church, we don’t just imagine these scenarios at Sunday School, they are our immediate goals for 2014-2015, and we’re making things happen. We offer classes for people of all ages. Fall opens with Children’s Worship and classes taught by most of Trinity’s staff. Other classes are sharing the teaching and leadership role rather than having only one teacher. New and exciting opportunities for Christian Education are offered this fall and spring. Check them out!

Our denomination, at the national level, is encouraging us to fill in the generational gaps. We’re learning that by doing that it tends to move the local church forward. It also tends to draw people with children who boost attendance in the children’s and youth classes.

Sunday School: It’s for Life! is a video produced by United Methodist Communications, and is useful for clergy and laity. Free copies can be ordered at, which is a major resource site for all Sunday School teachers.

As the nation’s third-largest religious body [behind Roman Catholics, and Southern Baptists (who include preparatory members as part of the official tally, and Methodists who don’t)] The United Methodist Church is more influential in seats of power than people realize. This means that what is taught in our Sunday School classes is helping determine the religious morals and values on the large scale. Sunday School is where the action is! Trinity Church kicks off the new Sunday School year with a celebration on September 6. Please plan to join us. Sunday School – It’s For Life!