Happy New Year!

Hello to all the kids of Trinity Church! I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending some time with your family and friends. A lot of people travel to see relatives in another city or state. We visit my grandparents in Falls Church for Christmas. (My grandfather always gives me treats under the table. Turkey and ham. Yum!)

Have you heard about people making New Year’s resolutions? That’s just a fancy way of saying you are making a promise with yourself. Sometimes people make resolutions to exercise. (I recommend finding a dog to take for a walk.) Have you made a New Year’s resolution before? I have some ideas that might be cool to try.

  • Make a resolution to read more. Why not spend a half hour every day reading something for fun? Ask your parents or grandparents to take you to the library to find cool books.
  • Look for ways every day to do at least one nice thing for someone. It can be as simple as holding a door for someone or setting the table before a meal.
  • Make a resolution to clean out your old toys and clothes, and then donate them. Share is a great place to donate things that are still in good condition. They help families who live in our community. The church office can give you more details.
  • Memorize a different verse from the Bible each week. If you need some help finding verses to memorize, just let me know. I can send your family a list of great verses.
  • Pray! Prayer is just another way of saying talking with God. That’s right. God wants you to talk about what makes you happy, sad, concerned, or even what makes you laugh! It doesn’t take a lot of time and God really wants to hear from you.

I hope your family will also make a resolution to come to see your church family at Trinity. When you come to church, you get to hear even more about God’s love.

Do you have any questions for me? Just send them to me at bit.ly/AskDuke.

Remember my motto: Paws for Jesus!


Resolve to Make a Difference

GILMER-EILEEN-26by Eileen Gilmer, Associate Pastor

Happy New Year! I hope the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas-to-New Year’s rush has slowed to a more manageable pace.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I used to. They usually had to do with exercise. I would frequently fall victim to the gym membership ploy of a “New Year and New You” marketing campaign. It would have helped if I looked back at my broken resolutions of previous years.

Check out the picture of Janus. He has two faces, one looking ahead to the future while the other keeps a keen eye on the past. That’s why he’s the Greek god of beginnings and transitions. The month of January was named in his honor. It makes sense when you think about it.

January is a time of transitions. We often look ahead and hope the New Year will bring prosperity, whatever form that might be. Sometimes that means a new job, or just a job at all. Sometimes it means a happier home life. Sometimes it means better health. In looking ahead, we keep an eye to the past as we hope for better times.

If you’ve had enough of the resolutions that often set you up for failure, consider resolving to make a difference in your life, by making a difference in someone else’s life. Any gesture can mean so much: volunteering for a charity, visiting a shut-in, or just calling to let them know they’re in your thoughts.

I pray for everyone in our church family and beyond. May 2013 be a blessed year for us all.