What May the Month of May Reveal?

Eileen Gilmer, Associate Pastor
Eileen Gilmer, Associate Pastor

By Eileen Gilmer, Associate Pastor

Ah, the month of May. I’ve always liked this month because, to me, it represents anticipation of something great. May is the month before summer officially begins. May can be unpredictable; sometimes chilly, sometimes warm and sometimes rainy. When I was a child, May meant that our summer break from school was just weeks away. (This was clearly also a reflection of my level of studiousness!)

You might not know all the things we have to anticipate this month. Of course, Memorial Day is May 25 and Mother’s Day is May 10. And, there’s always Cinco de Mayo. (I guess you know when that is celebrated.)

But, did you know that May is both National Barbeque Month and National Hamburger Month? Not wanting to leave out vegetarians, it’s also National Salad Month. However, it’s the individual day-long celebrations that are really great. There’s Lost Sock Memorial Day, Dance Like a Chicken Day and the always popular Lumpy Rug Day.

My childhood anticipation of May is a feeling I wish I could have captured. Anticipation is what we as Christians long to feel. It’s that anticipation that equates to hope. Hope for what is to come and hope for living the life God wants for us. It is excitement about the peace that Christ wished for his disciples and the peace that Christ holds out for us.

I mentioned that May always represented my anticipation of something great. What’s your something great? Health? Happiness? Security? A relationship with God? My prayer for us is that we embrace the love and grace offered freely from God. That’s an anticipation not measured by months, but for all eternity.