Eagle Scout Projects Benefit Trinity Church

By Jim Bruce, Chairman, Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Trustees of Trinity Church, I thank each of you who have been  or are now Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or scout leaders: Scouting offers much in fellowship, learning, fun, and leadership development. We offer our special compliments to those who are or are working to become Eagle Scouts, a worthy and significant achievement.
Not only is Trinity blessed by having these fine scouts and their families as part of our church family, we have also been richly and specifically blessed by several whose Eagle Scout Project was done to benefit Trinity. The trustees honor and thank you, and are considering additional recognition for you. Tom Endean recently completed his Eagle Scout project, which was paving the plaza above the columbarium. Those of you who have not seen his beautiful work should make a point of doing so, as he has created a serene and beautiful spot for contemplation and solace. We thank Tom as well as his family for their great kindness.
Other Eagle Scouts have also accomplished their Eagle projects for Trinity: In 2012, William Todd repainted the parking and handicap access spaces in our parking lot. We are so grateful for this, and as you park your car next time think of William’s kind gesture.
In about 2007, Eagle Scout Joe Darling built a fence around the parsonage: this is another tangible blessing for not only Trinity but our pastors, increasing their enjoyment of the parsonage and its lawn.
Those of you who are familiar with the Rev. William Watters know that he is recognized as the first American itinerant Methodist circuit rider and veteran of the Revolutionary War, and was very special to the founding of what became our Trinity Church. Trinity Eagle Scout Mark Eastham did work on the Watters gravesite, which is in the Chesterbrook area near St. John’s Catholic Church. We encourage you to visit this site, which has a historic plaque.
Finally, we understand that Orlando Rivera is considering a project at Trinity for his Eagle Scout project.
We apologize if we have left anyone out, and ask that you please let us know so we may recognize and thank you as well.
Trinity’s Trustees thank each of you, past present and future, for the blessings you bestow upon us with your work and being an important part of our Trinity family. We are sincere in wanting to find a way to honor these Eagle Scouts who have done their project at Trinity, and invite your suggestions in finding an appropriate way to do so.