Ask Henny: When Is the Best Time to Pray?

Henny Gilmer, Trinity Church mascot

Hello to all the kids of Trinity Church! I’m Henny, Pastor Eileen’s pup. The Gilmer family adopted me in April. I’m kind of a big puppy. I don’t turn one until next month and I already weigh 65 pounds. My hobbies are watching squirrels out the window, fetching tennis balls and sleeping on the couch. I’m in obedience school because my mom says I need to learn a few manners, such as not sleeping on the couch.

Do you pray? Some kids I know pray before bed at night; others pray before meals. Have you ever prayed at other times during the day? That’s the cool thing about prayer. It’s the way we talk directly to God, so any time of the day or night is perfect for prayer! God is always there and ready to listen when we want to talk.

Some kids have never prayed before and that’s OK. It’s never too early too late to start praying. Maybe you have something you are nervous about; that’s a great time to go to God in prayer. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long. Prayer is talking to God. It’s that simple. We go to God about what makes us happy, sad, nervous or glad. That’s right; prayer isn’t only for when we are worried about something. When you are super excited or happy is also a great time to go to God. That’s when you can thank God for all you have in your life.

I have reason to be thankful. I am thankful for you and your family. I’m grateful for all the super people at Trinity United Methodist Church. Can you think of something that makes you feel thankful? Maybe now would be a good time to go to God in prayer and say thanks!

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Ask Duke & Henny: Reporting for Duty!

Hello to all the kids of Trinity Church! Your buddy Duke, here. I want to introduce to you a new friend, Henny. Yay, Henny! She’s the new dog of Pastor Eileen. Let’s have her tell you her story.

Hi, everybody! I am so excited to be a part of the Trinity Church family. I’ve started coming to work sometimes and I really like meeting people. Everyone is so nice!

I was adopted by Pastor Eileen and her family in April. I was up for adoption from the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. When my family came to look for a dog to adopt, I went right up to my dad, put my paws and head on his chest and gave him a big hug. (Don’t tell them that I picked them; they think they picked me!)

Here’s a picture of me. Do you like my ears? I could totally play the role of the wolf in a Little Red Riding Hood play, couldn’t I? “The better to hear you with, my dear!” The reason I have cool ears is because I am half German Shepherd. The other half of my dog relatives were all different kinds of dogs, including a Jack Russell. That’s where I get my ability to jump really well. My mom says she’s going to teach me to catch a Frisbee one day.

Do you go to school? I’ll be going to school soon. My parents tell me I need to learn some manners. I just turned nine months old, so it’s time for class. I already know how to sit on command, but that’s about it. There’s so much to learn, isn’t there?

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Do We Need to See to Believe?

Duke Rose, Trinity Church mascot

Happy month of May to all the kids of Trinity Church! Summer is so close I can almost taste it, and by that I mean I can almost taste the treats I get when my family has a picnic! I can smell them before I ever see them in the basket. I know they are there, even when I can’t see them yet.

That reminds me of Thomas. He was one of Jesus’ closest friends. He was a disciple, one of the people who helped Jesus during his ministry. After Jesus died, the disciples were in a room trying to figure out what to do. Thomas wasn’t there that night. Jesus appeared to the rest of the disciples. He even walked through walls to see them! How cool is that?

Of course, the other disciples told Thomas all about it and he didn’t believe them! He said he would have to touch Jesus to believe it was really him. (That’s why he’s gotten the nickname Doubting Thomas.) Do you know what Jesus did next? He came back a few days later when the disciples were gathered again. This time Thomas WAS there.

Jesus didn’t make Thomas feel bad for having doubts. Jesus told Thomas he could touch Jesus’ hands and side if he needed proof, but Thomas shouted out, “My Lord and God!” Thomas knew it was Jesus.

This is where the story gets even cooler. Jesus told Thomas, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Jesus is talking about us! We can’t see Jesus right now, but we are blessed because we can believe without having to see him.

You can read the story in your Bible. Look up John 20:19-29. If you don’t have a Bible, just call the church office or let one of the pastors know. They’ll get you a special Bible just for kids!

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Duke Dog

Ask Duke: The Love of Easter

Duke Rose, Trinity Church mascot

Hi to all the kids of Trinity Church! It’s your buddy Duke Dog. Welcome to spring. The tulips in my family’s yard are starting to pop up. Do you know my favorite part of spring? It’s the warmer weather and more chances to play outside. I love to fetch!

Can you believe it’s already April? The first day of this month is a very important day to all of us Christians. It’s Easter. The date of Easter changes each year and this year it falls on April 1. This is such a HUGE day for Christians because it is the day we remember what happened in a tomb more than 2,000 years ago.

After Jesus died, his friends placed his body in a tomb. (A tomb is like a special cave where a body can be placed after a person dies.) Soldiers put a big rock in front of the tomb to make sure nobody could move Jesus’ body. But, even a huge and heavy rock couldn’t hold back God’s power. On the third day after Jesus died, Jesus’ friends found that the tomb was empty. Jesus was more powerful than any soldier, rock or even death!

Easter proves God’s great love for us. It’s up to us to live out that love. This is a lot of responsibility! God wants us to be kind and loving to our families, friends, teachers, and even our pets. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to be kind all the time; Jesus lived his life as an example of how to treat everyone with care and respect. We can read about his life in the Bible.

We celebrate Easter once a year, but we can carry out the love of Easter every single day. It’s fun to hunt for Easter eggs, dress up in fancy clothes for church and get special candy treats. But, the real message of Easter is about the awesome love that Jesus showed us—a love too big for that tomb, and a love that’s just the right size to fit in our hearts.

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What is Palm Sunday?

Duke Rose, Trinity Church mascot

Hello to all the kids of Trinity Church! I hope you are having a good March. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring. It won’t be too long of a wait. Spring arrives on March 20.

Something else happens this month. It’s Palm Sunday. Do you know why we celebrate Palm Sunday or why we celebrate with palms? This is a very important day in the life of the church so let’s take a look at what it means.

First, let’s see what a palm tree looks like. If you’ve been to Florida, South Carolina or California before, then you’ve probably seen a palm tree. Lots of tropical places have palms. Here’s a picture of one. See those individual leaves? Those are called palm fronds. When you come to church on Palm Sunday, you’ll be given a frond to wave when we sing.

On Palm Sunday we will be remembering the day when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. There was a lot of celebrating. People were excited to see him. As he rode in, the people put their cloaks (today it would be jackets or coats) on the road in front of him. Other people put down palm branches on the road. This sounds funny to us today but it would have been a sign of respect and honor.

This Palm Sunday story is found in all the gospels. Grab your Bible and see how it’s in four different places in the Bible. Here’s where to look for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem: Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44 and John 12:12-15.

Palm Sunday is important for another reason. It is the start of what we call Holy Week. If the start is Palm Sunday, do you know what the next Sunday is called? If you said Easter, you are right!

Do you know there’s a cool project you can do with a palm frond? You can make a cross out of it! We’ll have directions for you on Palm Sunday. Here’s a picture of one.

We look forward to seeing you soon. And remember my motto: Paws for Jesus!


The Sweetest Gift for Valentine’s Day

Duke Rose, Trinity Church mascot

Hi, kids of Trinity! Duke Dog, here. I hope you’re having a great 2018.

Do you know what holiday we celebrate this month? If you guessed Valentine’s Day, you’re right! Do you know that Valentine’s Day is actually named after a priest from Italy who lived more than 1,700 years ago? We don’t know much about him but there are a lot of stories of how he had a kind heart and taught many people about Jesus.

That’s something we can all keep in mind this Valentine’s Day. We like to give cards and candy, and that’s awesome. (Just make sure your pets don’t get into the chocolate!) There’s another gift that can make people happier than any present. It’s the gift of kind words.

Can you think of a time that someone said something really nice to you? It’s so awesome when that happens and it probably made you feel good. Why not take the chance to do the same for someone else? You might want to let somebody know how much you appreciate them, thank them for how they help you, or tell them how important they are in your life. Parents, grandparents and teachers really like to hear from you. You can either tell them in person or make a Valentine’s Day card for them. Think about all the super people you have in your life and let them know what they mean to you.

Words are important. Harsh words can hurt but kind words can do great things. Let’s work to make 2018 the year of kindness!

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Happy New Year!

Hello to all the kids of Trinity Church! I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending some time with your family and friends. A lot of people travel to see relatives in another city or state. We visit my grandparents in Falls Church for Christmas. (My grandfather always gives me treats under the table. Turkey and ham. Yum!)

Have you heard about people making New Year’s resolutions? That’s just a fancy way of saying you are making a promise with yourself. Sometimes people make resolutions to exercise. (I recommend finding a dog to take for a walk.) Have you made a New Year’s resolution before? I have some ideas that might be cool to try.

  • Make a resolution to read more. Why not spend a half hour every day reading something for fun? Ask your parents or grandparents to take you to the library to find cool books.
  • Look for ways every day to do at least one nice thing for someone. It can be as simple as holding a door for someone or setting the table before a meal.
  • Make a resolution to clean out your old toys and clothes, and then donate them. Share is a great place to donate things that are still in good condition. They help families who live in our community. The church office can give you more details.
  • Memorize a different verse from the Bible each week. If you need some help finding verses to memorize, just let me know. I can send your family a list of great verses.
  • Pray! Prayer is just another way of saying talking with God. That’s right. God wants you to talk about what makes you happy, sad, concerned, or even what makes you laugh! It doesn’t take a lot of time and God really wants to hear from you.

I hope your family will also make a resolution to come to see your church family at Trinity. When you come to church, you get to hear even more about God’s love.

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