Ready, Set, Celebrate!

Biscuit wreathHappy December to all the kids of Trinity Church! I hope you are staying warm and having fun. This is a very cool time of year (and I’m not just talking about the weather!). This is the season of Advent. Do you know why Advent is so important?

The word Advent is a Latin word and it means coming. So why would we have a season of the church named that? It has something to do with Dec. 25. If you guessed Christmas, you’re right! When we celebrate Christmas, we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday. That means, when we celebrate Advent, we’re getting our hearts and minds ready for celebrating the birth of Jesus. His birthday is coming soon!

Christmas is very awesome. In addition to celebrating the birthday of Jesus, I usually get a couple of toys and some dog treats. I’ll bet you like Christmas, too! Do you like giving presents? Me, too! I like giving people gifts; It makes them happy and makes me feel good.

Here are some ideas of gifts you can give:

For your parents, draw, paint or color a picture. Parents love getting drawings of you and your family.

For teachers, why not write them a thank you note? Teachers work very hard and really appreciate notes that tell them how much you appreciate them.

For grandparents, homemade cookies are super fabulous gifts. Be sure to get your parents or another grown-up to help you.

We’ll have three church services on Christmas Eve. The family service is at 5 p.m. Then, join us on Christmas Day. We’ll have one service at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, Christmas Day.

I hope you have a great Advent and wonderful Christmas! I’ll talk to you in the New Year.

Until then, always remember my saying, Paws for Jesus!

Biscuit paws