Ask Biscuit: Why Does Jesus Make Thunderstorms?

Biscuit Gilmer, Trinity Church mascot
Biscuit Gilmer, Trinity Church mascot

Hello to all the kids of Trinity Church! I hope your summer is awesome.

Have you noticed that summer can bring more thunder and lightning storms? The heat of the day can mean more storms in the afternoon and evenings. My friend Bennett has noticed that and he is wondering why Jesus made thunderstorms. Good question, Bennett!

It helps to know why we hear the thunder and see the lightning. All thunderstorms make lightning. In those storm clouds, tiny bits of ice and water are bumping into each other. When they bump around, they can make an electric charge. You can make a tiny amount of static electricity by rubbing a balloon on your head, or wearing socks and shuffling your feet on carpet. But, the electric charge in the thunderstorm is a lot bigger than what you can create with the carpet or balloon!

Now, back to those thunder clouds. The electricity comes shooting out of the clouds—that’s the lightning. How do we get thunder? Well, the lightning zips through those clouds so fast that it makes an air hole. When that hole comes back together again: BAM! That’s the sound of thunder. Very cool.

So how did this all start? We read in the book of Genesis (the very first book of the Bible) that God made the sky and everything in it: our sun, moon, stars, clouds, even the lightning and thunder.

Lightning and thunder are mentioned a bunch of times in the Bible. In Psalm 97, we read that God’s lightning lights up the world. In the book of Job, we see where God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash. God is powerful!

Just like everything else in nature, God made the rain, thunder and lightning. Sometimes those storms can get bright and noisy. But, I hope you’ll look at them differently next time you see them. Lightning and thunder are really just a cool science project made by God!

Keep those questions coming, and remember my motto:

Paws for Jesus!


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