Celebrating Earth Day

Biscuit roundHello to all the kids of Trinity! I’m so excited that it’s officially spring and we have more daylight to play outside. I also love April because it has a cool holiday in it. It’s Earth Day! Have you ever heard of Earth Day? Let me tell you why I like it so much.

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. That’s a really long time ago! It was started by a senator from Wisonsin who wanted to make sure we all remembered the importance of taking good care of our planet. That’s why we have an official day for Earth Day. It’s a chance for us to stop and think about how we treat our land, water and air. What can you do celebrate Earth Day?

Here are some ideas:

Never litter  That means never throw anything down on the ground, unless it came from the earth. You should throw away things like gum or candy wrappers in a trash can.

Recycle  Look for the recycle symbol on things like bottles and cans. Put them in recycle bins, not regular trash. Newspapers and magazines can be recycled, too. You can also recycle your old toys by donating them to charity so another child can use them.

Turn off the tap  Did you know that leaving the water on while you brush your teeth can waste as much as four gallons of water? Save water and turn off the tap while you brush.

Lights out  Whether you’re leaving a room or leaving your house, turn off the lights. This will save electricity and money.

Why should we care about taking care of the earth? It’s because God gave us this earth. It’s a gift of God and it’s up to us to take care of it. In the first book of Genesis, we read that God made the world and made people and animals, and God put the people to be in charge of everything. People may be in charge of taking care of the earth, but we know the world belongs to God. The Bible tells us, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him”  (Psalm 24:1 NLT).

God has given us a big responsibility: to care for the earth that belongs to God. I know we can do that on Earth Day and every other day, too!

Be sure to send me your questions. You can send them to me at bit.do/askbiscuit.

Remember my motto: Paws for Jesus!




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