Was Jesus Really Born on December 25?

By Biscuit Gilmer, Trinity Mascot

Biscuit wreathHi, kids of Trinity Church! I hope your summer is going well. I’m still waiting for someone to drop a hamburger while grilling. It hasn’t happened yet, but there’s still plenty of summer left. If it’s summer, then why am I thinking about Christmas?

Well, I have another awesome question from Mr. Faust’s Sunday School class. They asked, “When was Jesus really born?” Aren’t you guys smart! We celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25, but is that when he was born, or is that just when we celebrate?

Where do you think we should look to figure out when Jesus was born? If you said it’s the Bible, you’re right! Go grab a Bible and turn to the New Testament. Look up Luke 2:8-11. Now look at verse eight again. It says the shepherds were living in the fields, keeping watch over their sheep. That means it was probably spring or early summer when the angel appeared to them. In December, the sheep would probably have been in a big fenced-in area, not in the fields.

So, how did we come to celebrate Jesus’ birthday in December? The fact of the matter is that we’re not sure. It could have started more than 1500 years ago! There was a Roman feast and festival (it was a huge party!) on December 25. One idea is that the Christians decided to celebrate Jesus’ birth at the same time as the festival, hoping the people who weren’t Christians would decide to join in on their celebration instead.

Whatever date is the real birthday of Jesus isn’t as important as the meaning of it. We celebrate Jesus’ life and all he has given us. It’s like Jesus is the one giving us the real gift!

If you have a question, you can reach me at: bit.ly/askbiscuit.

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