Honduras Trailer Update

by Dan Moore, Trinity Missions Committee

Trinity’s trailer is again accepting donations for poor people in Honduras. But there have been some changes that we need to consider.

Art for Humanity, the local ministry that Trinity has been working with for many years, has a very modest annual budget and is supported entirely by individual and church donations. Art for Humanity does not sell any donated items to generate funds. All goods go directly to people.

Art for Humanity collects donated items here in Northern Virginia from Trinity and a few other churches and organizations. The trailers of donated items are packed on a container and then shipped from the port of Baltimore to Puerto Cortes, Honduras. There, after clearing customs, the donated items are transported by truck to different parts of the country and given to families. Recently, the costs to bring donations into Honduras have risen greatly, as the Honduran government has increased the amount of duty and costs.

The recipients of your donations use the items for themselves and for their extended family. They give away some of the items to others in need. They sell some of the items. By selling some of the donations, they are able to send their children to school, build a home or begin a small business all of which secures their future. The things they keep personally help them immediately but it is the things they sell that provide them with a better future.

We know from years of experience that generosity abounds at Trinity and in our community in support of poverty stricken people in Honduras. There are so many items we have in our homes that we just do not use or need. Our used items can really be a generous offering to those in need.

Your good used items help the poor to move from dependency to self-sufficiency. Please share your love and compassion by providing only good-quality items. Shoes, clothing and household items are needed. But if an item needs repairs, we can’t use it. Damaged items are very difficult to get repaired and missing parts cannot be obtained.

Additional financial support is needed to deliver the donated items to needy families; we so appreciate your help so we can deliver your donated items to people in need. Therefore, we are asking that you to consider making a monetary contribution when you donate items to help defray the costs of Art for Humanity providing your donations to the poor. A suggested donation is $1 per pound of items given. For example, maybe a bag of used clothing or shoes could be accompanied with a $20 donation or $100 or so for a piece of furniture. This is intended as a guideline; you may give more or less. But we can no longer accept large heavy items without a financial contribution.

It costs Art for Humanity about $2000 per trailer that we fill at Trinity, so we would like to help provide those funds, as best we can.

Please feel free to leave a check made out to Art for Humanity in the offering plate to help cover the costs of shipping your donations, or visit the website www.artforhumanity.org to make a donation online.

Questions, please call Chris (571-215-2948) or Dan (703-980-5050) Moore.


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