Does God Pick Sides?

by Biscuit Gilmer, Trinity Church Mascot

Biscuit staff photoHi, kids of Trinity. I hope you’re having a great spring! I really enjoy the warmer weather and spending more time outside. It’s also the time of year when a lot of sports teams gear up. The other day I was watching television with my family. They showed an athlete who thanked God for his team’s win. Hmmm, I thought. Does he think God picks sides?

If you’re on a sports team, you might have prayed before the game. That’s great. But, do you think it’s OK to ask God to help your team win?

The truth is that God doesn’t care who wins or loses. That’s not what’s important to God. When God looks at the game, God doesn’t see teams. God sees people! God’s love is about what’s inside everyone’s heart, not what jersey is on his or her back. God doesn’t care if you are the last person picked for dodge ball, or if you’re a rock star athlete. God loves us all the same.

Is it OK to pray that God will help you with sports? Yes, but make sure that your heart is set on letting God’s love shine through. The Bible tells us, “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) That means whether at school, church or playing sports, we should be honest, fair, and respectful to everyone; and, at the same time, give thanks to God for all we have!

Remember my motto: Paws for Jesus!



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